Advent Calendar for Cats

This is a great way to have extra fun with your feline friend this Christmas season. It has 24 pockets (each triangle has two individual pockets) and comes with 24 slips of paper with a suggested activity for each day, anything from ‘scratch my head’ to ‘let’s have a nap’, plus 6 blank slips to substitute your own suggestions. Folded slips fit easily into the pockets with enough room to spare for a small kitty treat.  The cat fabric is adorable and shows different felines in their natural positions.

–measures 33″/84 cm long and 24.5″/62 cm wide

–made with 100% cotton quilting fabric

–quilted with red and black thread

–100% cotton  wadding/batting allows it to hang flat on wall

–hanging corners on the back for insertion of dowel (not included)

–pattern by Jenny Doan

–machine quilted

–machine washable


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