Microwave Vegetable Zapper

No more playing “hot potato”!  These 100% cotton pockets will protect your fingers when removing hot baked potatoes from the microwave. The special wadding makes it microwave safe.  To use, simply wash and dry the potato, but do not prick it!  Wrap it in a paper towel and slip it into the bag.  This helps keep the interior of the bag clean and the moisture contained.  Cooking times vary; follow your microwave manufacturer’s instructions.  When finished, let the bag rest for one minute and then remove your fully baked and fluffy potato. Also great for sweet corn, baked apples, sweet potatoes, tortillas, breads, etc.  Machine washable.

–made with 100% cotton fabric in a chicken and paisley design

–special polyester wadding is microwave safe

–measures 19 cm x 20 cm when closed

–machine washable

–also available in a blue and red flower design


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