In Craftsy there is one type of “Flat rate” shipments in four options depending on the size of the product ” Shipping Class “

You can set different shipping costs for each shipping zone.


Flat Rate

“Flat rate” for example, if the cost of shipping a product is 5 € then the cost of two identical products will be 10 €



Shipping Zones


As default shipping is set ” Rest of the World “.

Here are all countries that are not included in the individual zones. If you do not want to send to other countries except for your selection, disable this function by clicking “rest of the world”, “disabled”, “save changes”


[button color=”primary” size=”medium” url=”” target=”self”]rest of the world[/button]




How to Create New Shipping Zone


[button color=”primary” size=”medium” url=”” target=”self”]Add Zone[/button]